What we do

We offer a wide array of global markets financial products to our clients in Latin America as well as the U.S. and Europe.

Mutual Funds

Managing institutional and retail investors portfolios through unique access to a wide variety of funds.

At AdCap Securities, we manage our institutional and retail investors’ portfolios, giving them access to a wide variety of financial products in order to match a broad range of investment objectives and risk profiles.

Clients: high net worth individuals, institutional clients, pension funds and insurance companies, among others.


  • Money Markets
  • Local Fixed Income
  • Equities
  • Latin American Corporations

Other Products

  • Long Short sectors, US Equities funds
  • Distribution of funds
  • Managed accounts for institutional clients and individuals
  • Portfolio Management

Our Strengths

  • We follow a rigorous selection process before entering any new position.
  • Prudent risk management concentrated in capital preservation by avoiding asymmetric exposure to adverse market movements.
  • Our internal culture strives for excellence in operations and regulatory compliance.
  • Our experienced professionals combine strong knowledge of investment markets with expertise in a variety of industries, and the ability to develop and apply innovative ideas and new investment strategies.